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France has been under lockdown for 5 weeks now. Time stands still and stretches out before us with each disruption and challenge that have resulted.

In this context, artistic production, whilst it may seem secondary, remains, in my opinion, more important than ever. Where many work in our external material reality (and rightly so), the artist seeks, perceives and reports on an inner world in constant fluctuation. Is a work of art subjective or is it a collective work? Is it the author who evolves or the world around him?

As we all know, Art reflects an era but at the same time calls for and initiates the next one. The artistic dimension is neither of the past nor of the future, it is the expression of the living in an act of creating a present that alone is able to follow the changes of time.

I am approaching my self isolation as if it were an appointment with myself, an invitation to go back to basics, free from external agitations and distractions which often take us away from our deepest reality.

And because I want to believe that we all have a part to play in this world, in the joy and silence of my studio, I simply paint…


I am happy to announce that I now feature in the exclusive online magazine: lemuseeprive.com

You can find my Infinitive and Movements of life series as well as an article discussing my artistic approach.

It is a great honour for me to feature on such a prestigious and internationally renowned online platform.

Click on the link below to access the online gallery:

Direct link to the website: https://www.le-musee-prive.com/
2nd website under ARTPRICE: http://web.artprice.com/store/Galerie-Le-Musee-Prive/

Online Ebay store : http://stores.ebay.fr/LE-MUSEE-PRIVE


As announced in my previous newsletter, The Art Book published by Décibel was released at the beginning of this year.

You will be able to discover the different universes of 82 artists and creators of the grand oust, one page of which is dedicated to me.
It is a very beautiful, prestigious book whose preface is written by Yves Baudry, Associate Professor of Art and Art History and Lecturer.

There are only a few copies still available. If you would like one, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also find it in the grand ouest book stores.

Please see below for a video presentation about the book, enjoy!

IN THE STUDIO.. The Infinitive series is expanding


The infinitive form of a verb describes an un-conjugated action : there is no "I" or "we" to act. The portraits presented here seek to represent the part of the human being that remains absolutely authentic, a deep and raw, instinctual and spontaneous self.

Through this series I try to grasp and render (if it is at all possible) this other in oneself who asks to be, with the persisting conviction that this same part, the most essential part of the human being, remains forever inaccessible to us.

Whatever name we call it (soul, spirit, inner child, God), it stays deep inside somewhere, safe from the turbulence of our outer personalities.

I have just finished the 18th of the series which was created less than a year ago. Half have already found their new home.

I'm happy to know them all in excellent company and in beautiful collections,
thank you !!


At the time of writing, 4 of my paintings are due to be exhibited in Germany and then in Denmark in 2 international fairs and 2 galleries for a Nordic tour which was due to end in May. 3 other local exhibitions have been cancelled.

It’s hard to tell today if the events planned in the future will take place, but if they do, I hope to see many of you there. It will be great to see you again!
  • The Nordic tour I told you about earlier is likely to be postponed until Autumn.
  • Les Sables d'Olonne, at Prioré St Nicolas, from 7th-19th of August.
  • La Roche sur Yon, Checkers Game during the Joséphine from 11th-26th of September.
  • La Rochelle, The International Fine Arts Fair from 22nd of October to 6th of November.



2020 started off strong!
Once again represented by the ART TROPE agency, I had the immense pleasure of participating, from January 17 to 20, in the contemporary ART FUTURE art fair at the Fubon International Conference Centre in Taipei, Taiwan.

I feel proud and honoured to have found such an enthusiastic and encouraging audience so far from home!
I sincerely hope that the 2021 edition will see the light of day.

Opposite is a photo taken during the exhibition.

Thank you very much Jessica for your support, for our friendly exchanges and for this wonderful photo !

Find other pictures of the exhibition on her Instagram page: @itsjess_c

YIA ART FAIR, PARIS, rue de Rivoli

From Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th of October 2019, 2 paintings from the Life Movements series were presented at the 18th edition of the Paris Contemporary Art Show by YIA Art Fair, among the works of the 6 Painters and Sculptors represented by Art Trope.
It was a wonderful moment, full of delightful encounters and opportunities!



This took place in February in Belleville sur vie (85). The Art and Life Exhibition celebrated its 30 years of existence.
A large space for each artist, remarkable organisation, lots of people at the opening, interesting and interested visitors, great sales and a wonderful atmosphere...


Differents Art Show : Art Atlantic, Salon Oceanique des arts at Grand Séminaire, Salon du Lion's Club at temple de Chauray


Many thanks to

  • all those who came to visit me at the Arts Atlantic - Festival of Arts and/or at the Oceanic Art ShowGrand Séminaire as well as the Chauray Temple during these exhibitions full of enjoyable exchanges and encounters
  • CréAttitude La Roche sur Yon for your support and assistance in my pictorial adventures.
  • To art lovers and collectors (some of whom came from far away) for the quality of our passionate exchanges on art and my painting
  • Finally, a thousand thanks to all the artists for their friendliness, collaboration, bursts of laughter and shared creativity.


"The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials"

Yutang Lin

See you soon and take care!


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