Art Fair ART-FUTURE – Zoé-B


From 17th to 19th January 2020, Art-Trope is pleased to participate at the Taipei Art-Future Contemporary Art Fair by representing 4 Art-Trope Artists / Art-Trope 非常榮幸能參加2020年,台北『未來藝術』當代藝術博覽會,並展出四位Art-Trope的藝術家:
Fubon International Conference Center of Taipei in Taiwan @ Booth 13
from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th January 2020
VIP Preview and Opening: Friday 17th January 2020 from 2 pm to 10 pm
2020年一月17 (週五) 到19號 (週日) / 於台北富邦國際會議中心/ 13號展區
Art-Future in Taipei Booth 13 @ Art-Trope
ART-FUTURE ART-FUTURE is a booming Art Fair /『未來藝術』是一個剛崛起的藝術博覽會
The Contemporary Art Fair ART-FUTURE 2020 founded by Formosa Art Fair Co. – the first professional Art group organizing Art Fairs in Taiwan – is organized by Founder Richard CHANG at the Fubon International Conference Center and at the hotel San Want in Taipei from 17th to 19th January 2020. It will be enlarged to a wider space to present more masterpieces to celebrate the 10 years after of YOUNG ART TAIPEI since 2009.
2020年『未來藝術』當代藝術博覽會,奠定在福爾摩沙國際藝術博覽會之上,為台灣第一個專業的藝術博覽會策展團隊。 由創始人Richard CHANG於2020年1月17日至19日,在富邦國際會議中心和台北神旺大飯店舉辦。更擴張到更大的空間,以展示更多的藝術傑作和慶祝自2009年開始的 台北青年藝術展 (YOUNG ART TAIPEI).
The 4 Artists represented by Art-Trope are / Art-Trope介紹的藝術家如下: